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Ocean Freight (FCL/LCL)

Shipping by sea is the most cost effective way of international transportation currently available.

At each port thousands of containers are loaded on and offloaded from cargo vessels to make products available worldwide.

Transportation by sea is also the greenest means of transportation when compared to airplanes and trucks.

Shipping of cargo in containers is available as FCL and LCL.

FCL stands for Full Container Load. Containers are available in these sizes: 20 ft, 40 ft standard, 40 ft high cube, and 45 ft. Special containers are also  available for the shipping of oversized cargo, or cargo which due to its shape required special loading. The most popular special containers are: flat rack, and open top. These two types are available in 20 ft and 40 ft sizes.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Here container specs so you may have an idea of interior dimensions of regular containers.

20' Dry Cargo Container

Length                Width              Height

19' 4 13/16"      7' 8 19/32"     7' 9 57/64"

5.898 m              2.352 m         2.385 m

40' Dry Cargo Container 

Length                Width              Height

39' 5 45/64"      7' 8 19/32"     7' 9 57/64"

12.032 m           2.352 m          2.385 m

40' Hi-Cube Dry Cargo Container 

Length                Width              Height

39' 5 45/64"      7' 8 19/32"     8' 9 15/16"

12.032 m            2.352 m          2.69 m

45' Hi-Cube Dry Cargo Container 

Length                Width              Height

44' 6"                   7' 7''                  8' 7''

13.556 m           2.352 m          2.700 m


LCL stands for Less Than Container Load. This service is also known as "consolidation service". This means of transportation allows exporters to ship their goods in a container sharing the space with other exporters, thus making shipping more economical.

Consolidation service is virtually available to all destinations worldwide. This service requires cargo to be professionally packed. Cargo is either packed in boxes, pallets, or crates. Cargo that does not fit in any of these packing options due to size should be professionally wrapped for export.

The cost of shipping in a consolidation service is mainly based on the cargo volume in cubic meters, which is the space it uses inside the container. Weight also has an affect on the cost of shipping.

To calculate cargo volume one needs dimensions of the freight (box, pallet, crate). The dimensions required to calculate volume are: length, width, and height. For instance, if we need to calculate the volume of a box of 18" x 16" x 16" we proceed as follows:

18 x 16 x 16 = 4608

4608 / 0.00001639 = 0.075 cubic meters.

Ocean freight is available to ship all commodities to all destinations. 

KR Cargo Shipping proudly offers competitive rates, and also handles all types of shipping containers!!

VESSEL 2.jpg

Air freight is without a doubt the fastest means of transportation available in

the shipping industry.

Whether it is to meet deadlines for participating at fair events overseas to

advertise products, or to make goods available for seasonal sale at any

destination, Air Freight is the way to go.

Airfreight also allows shippers to reach destinations where ports are not

available, for instance landlocked countries.

Shipping cargo by air is generally more expensive than sea transportation.

This is not a rule though as there has been some exceptions.

Please provide KR CARGO SHIPPING with cargo specs (dimensions & weight), cargo description, location and destination to obtain a quote for your shipping needs.

Dimensions required are: length, width, and height. Dimensions could be in inches, centimeters, or meters, whichever is easier for you.  

The cost for shipping cargo by air is based on either the dimensional weight or the actual cargo weight, whichever is greater. This is called "chargeable weight". The formula to calculate is listed as follows. Example:

Commodity: Spare parts.

Dimensions of box: 24" x 18" x 18".

Total weight: 50 kg.

Calculation: 24 x 18 x 18 = 7776

7776 / 166 = 46.84 lbs. (21.25 kg)

In this case the cost of shipping will be based on the actual cargo weight as it is greater than the dimensional weight.

It should be mentioned that most commodities may be transported by air. Airplanes do have their limitations in terms of space, and 

height restrictions.

For shipping heavy loads, oversized cargo, and special requirements, please feel free to contact KR CARGO SHIPPING to get rates  today!

RORO, Oversized Equipment and PROJECTS!

Roll on Roll off service, also known as RORO, offers a unique and cost effective

way to transport internationally self-propelled units such as vehicles, trucks,

ATVs, quads, motorcycles, motorhomes, construction machinery, agricultural

machinery, oversized equipment; and towable cargo such as travel trailers,

boats on trailers, jet skis, pop-up trailers, and the like.

Static cargo such as wind turbines, machinery, parts/tools, mining equipment,

heavy cable drums, plants, and the like may be shipped as break bulk.

RORO vessels are designed to carry wheeled units as well as towable units

which are generally blocked and secured under deck. The vessel operations

team, based on theirloading plan, may decide to load cargo on deck.                                                                        


Over the years the loading procedure has changed to this day when units are driven on and off at each port. The history of RORO vessels is indeed fascinating!

RORO shipping is very popular for transporting vehicles internationally; whether it is for tourism, business or relocation purposes.

If shipping one single vehicle, RORO is generally the most cost-effective solution as container service involves more labor and fees.


KR Cargo Shipping will find the most cost effective way of shipping your cargo for you. We will be glad to serve your needs and be part of your success.

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