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KR Cargo Shipping proud itself in being the facilitator of 

shipping of most COMMODITIES worldwide.

We coordinate domestic and international transport through

our amazing network of truckers and wonderful relationship

with steamship lines who carry freight from USA and

Canada to destination such as Latin America, Europe, Asia,

Australia and Africa.

We proudly also serve the importer community in USA in as

well putting together services such as customs clearance,

pick-up, delivery and offloading if needed.

When in need of transporting: vehicles, household

goods, commercial cargo, machinery, boats, trucks, and all types of self-propelled units, towable units, and static pieces including but not limited to out-of-gauge cargo, special equipment and project cargo, please think of us! 


Based on a mutual Guarantee of Neutrality and Non-Circumvention, KR Cargo Shipping will make arrangements, perform estimates (as applicable), as well as packing and loading (as required) of HHG/PE and/or products in export containers on behalf of our clients from other areas.

We also coordinate the relocation of our own customers (private parties, corporate and diplomatic personnel), handling their individual packing & wrapping, crating and overseas shipping of their households and vehicles in containers, as per illustrations herein.

We look forward to working closely with you in order to assist you coordinate with all of your international shipping, packing and crating needs.

Nothing is too big for us to help you with!.

Feel free to give us a call at 213 841 9677, submit your quote request through our website, or email us at as we will be glad to assist you with your shipping needs 👍.

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